With our success in project based business, we are aiming to concentrate on business where value addition is done through technological fineness and innovation using maximum local resources.

Bangladesh is also under same global trend of power shortages & poor Infrastructures. The Government of Bangladesh (GOB) is taking promising steps for development in these sectors & a number of large scale projects funded by International Landing Agencies are already finalized. Therefore Power, Energy (Natural Gas & Coal) Railway & Civil Construction related businesses have high potential for modernization and definite success.

With our strong involvement in Bangladesh & sincere relationship with various authorities, we are well informative & updated on project particulars & status.

We welcome reputed manufacturer and Coal Mine Field development contractors to participate jointly with us in our upcoming projects on Power Plants, National Gas Treatment Plant, Railway Up-gradation/Construction/Rehabilitation Projects and Major Civil Construction Projects.

We are actively working to expand our business in Ship Building activities – for Bangladesh Defense and Commercial Market. We solicit necessary cooperation from prospective Shipyards globally.