Telecommunications :
HF/VHF/UHF (Tactical/Conventional) Radio.
Digital Microwave Transmission Links.
Optical Transmission Links.
SCADA/Digital Exchanges and PABX / Integrated Telecom Projects.
NGN & IP Networks
Defense & Para Military :
Wireless Communication Equipment (Tactical/Non-Tactical)
EW Systems
Air Defense System
Radio Relay (RR) Equipment.
Artillery / Infantry Weapon and Ammunitions
Anti Tank Weapons
Infantry, Artillery, Engineering & Logistics vehicles including APC.
Naval Vessels
Naval Systems (ICMS, INS, ICS, etc.)
Naval Weapons (Gun, Missile, Torpedo, etc.)
Helicopter and Aircraft
Various Stuff and System for Police, Border Security Force and Special Forces.
Anti-Terrorist & Anti-Riot Equipment
Emergency equipment, Mobile Hospital, etc.
Potential Manufacturers and suppliers may kindly contact us.
Construction of Rail Lines.
Signaling System
Supply of Locomotives, Passenger Coach, Freight Wagons, Tanker, etc.
Spare Parts.
Construction of Power Plant and related civil works.
Erection and installation of Substations
Installation of power transmission lines
Installation of SCADA system
Oil, Gas & Minerals
Metering & regulating station and pipeline.
Gas Treatment/Processing Plant.
Installation of telecommunication & SCADA system.
Development of Coal Mine Fields.
Oil Refinery and associated works.
Gas Driven Compressor Station.
Port & Harbor, Aviation, Civil Infrastructure
Supply of various Communication, NAV AID and Surveillance equipment.
Construction of Airport
Construction of container Terminal
Construction of large civil projects (Bridge, Marine Port, etc.)
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